Coronavirus Decontamination Process

Our company protocols dictate all decontamination protocols to start the same way. However, the hazard present, the severity of contamination, business type, and type of contamination can determine the process of decontamination. Hiring a professional decontamination company is the best choice if you suspect your place of work or home is contaminated. For efficient remediation, our technicians start by familiarizing themselves with what has occurred to guarantee safe disinfection.

Whether we are dealing with chemical, biological, nuclear, radiological, and explosive, your safety is our priority. To begin a decontamination project, we start by developing safety plans using an offsite survey. The offsite survey is reexamined after we send a team into the building. We can modify the offsite survey regularly to guarantee the safety of our workers and occupants. To keep our workers and occupants safe, we follow both local and state regulations, including the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) guidelines. When hiring workers, we ensure they have undergone through the HAZCOM program, and our interview forms cover all OSHA set guidelines.

What is an onsite survey?

An onsite survey is done after we complete the offsite survey. The survey helps our team determine the accuracy of the initial safety plan. The safety plan can be modified now and then to guarantee the safety of our workers.

In an onsite survey, we dispatch a team of four workers. The first team wears the appropriate personal protective equipment depending on the type of hazard identified and the decontamination process to be followed. Two members of the team enter the contaminated site. At the same time, the remaining two workers position themselves outside as back-up, to provide necessary equipment as needed or seek help in case of an emergency.

The team inside the contaminated area complete the following tasks:

  • Note important construction features of the building
  • Test the quality of indoor air
  • Check for severe physical hazards
  • Identify potential exposure hazards
  • Document the decontamination process or vital information using videos or pictures

The observations made are noted and written down in a format the entry team can understand. When the onsite survey is completed, and the team has disinfected their PPEs as they exit, the information obtained is reviews and modified.

Our personnel continuously monitors the situation to identify any new hazards. Continuous monitoring is done daily to determine whether there will be modifications to the initial safety plan.

Decontamination Plan

Potential exposure and hazard severity determine the amount of time required to complete a decontamination project. Remember, the onsite and offsite surveys specify the disinfection protocol, thus determine the success of the entire decontamination process.

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