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Coronavirus Preventive Disinfection Services

We offer routine and on-demand preventive disinfection services, as well as the improvement of the air quality within your house, in a bid to ensure that you have a healthy indoor environment. We perceive these services as being a very valuable addition to the regular janitorial cleaning services since we focus on the prevention of the spread of various disease-causing pathogens. Our preventive disinfection services will, therefore, see to it that you are protected from viruses, bacteria, all parasites, and fungi. It is through taking preventive action that anyone can reduce the chances of their business being interrupted during a pandemic and all other life-threatening situations. This is achieved by lowering the chances of the disease spreading among those occupying the building. 

By entrusting us to perform preventive disinfection services for you, you will have managed to assure your employees and your customers that you are very concerned about your safety and are taking necessary steps towards ensuring that they remain safe. You can, upon request, receive signage and pamphlets with the details about all preventive disinfection services that we are on your business premises or your home. 

Service Restoration’s preventive disinfection services are very effective, despite being very simple. The disinfectants we rely on are all EPA-registered. Our team also utilizes manual disinfection techniques to sanitize all high-risk surfaces such as doorknobs, elevator buttons, bathrooms, as well as kitchens, which most people in buildings touch as they move around. Our team then utilizes the ULV fogging application that is very effective in wide range surface disinfection and the improvement of indoor air quality. Finally, we usually utilize our HEPA-filtered air scrubbers, which are very excellent in the removal of all particulates in the air and in increasing the breathability of the indoor air. 

Contact our team today to get more information about how we perform our preventive disinfection services in a bid to prevent the spread of a wide range of illnesses in all types of buildings.

Viral decontamination

Service Restoration follows all the OSHA regulations and is IIRC-certified (Institute of Inspection  Cleaning Certification), thus employs the best disease cleaning disinfection procedures at all times. As the world is still battling the COVID-19 pandemic, we are stepping in to help all our clients create a very safe environment for their employees. Since this virus is still novel, we are consistently reaching out to the Center for Disease Prevention (CDC) to receive all up-to-date solutions that are pertinent to the fulfillment of our objectives in the disinfection of areas that have been contaminated with the COVID-19 virus.

Disinfecting Coronavirus

Our teams utilize CDC-approved and EPA-registered disinfectants that are of industrial strength. These disinfectants are a broad spectrum, thus see to it that all types of pathogens on various surfaces are destroyed. All the infected materials are cleaned, disinfected, and then disposed of appropriately as biohazard waste. Our teams usually report for duty in personal protective equipment (PPE), and in full-face respirator masks that enhance their safety as they go about the coronavirus disinfection process. 

We perceive the current pandemic as a severe issue; thus, we have our employees on the line ready to see to it that you and your family or employees are attended to as fast as possible. Service Restoration does not offer any routine janitorial services. Still, it can perform a very deep cleaning process to safeguard the health of those involved,  as part of a beneficial preventive disinfection process. 

In the case of COVID-19 preventive disinfection services, our objective is to minimize the chances of potential contamination in buildings. This does not, however, guarantee the elimination of the future risk of contamination upon the re-occupancy of the building, or the entry of an infected person to the building after the disinfection has been performed. Such a person can re-contaminate all the disinfected surfaces, hence the need to have the regular disinfection of the surfaces.

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